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Craig Long | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | York

Craig Long

Craig started training twenty years ago, when he and his brother Mark became students of Paul Lynch in Leeds. After Craig's first ever session he went in to his local shop only to see Paul Lynch featured in a popular martial arts magazine, and from that moment knew he was in the right hands. Craig has won many titles, represented England on many occasions but his real achievements have been the vast number of champions he has produced. With dozens of British, European & World champions under his tuition he really has developed a highly respected reputation amongst his peers.

Charlie Foster-Vigors | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | York

Charlie Foster-Vigors

Charlie started training when he was 8 years old and has already established himself as a respectable martial arts competitor. Winning many titles and representing England ensures that when teaching, he really does practise what he preaches. Charlie teaches with passion in abundance and motivates people with his methods.

Louisa Barratt | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | York

Louisa Barratt

Louisa is a huge part of the Coaching team at our Acomb school. She is highly motivated and inspires people with her massive weight loss story, since joining LBBS Louisa has lost a whopping 11 stone through her hard work and dedication. She has been a very active member of our competition team picking up medals at most National Championships Including a Gold medal at the 2015 WKTA British Championships in Sheffield.

Steve Smith | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | York

Steve Smith

Steve started his training after his Children Katy and Thomas had been training. Steve loves the physical aspects of his training especially the sparring. He is a keen runner and always puts 100% in to his training. Steve as also tested his skill in competition and loves the challenge this brings.

Mark-Gibbons | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | York

Mark Gibbons

Mark has been training and teaching martial arts for over 20 years. He started late in life in his early 20's in London. After moving North he continued his training and graded to Black Belt 2nd Dan. He has black belts in Combat Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Karate and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which was the first grade awarded by the first female BJJ black belt in the UK, Helen Currie (Combat Base BJJ) and the legendary Chris Haueter (Machado BJJ). After many years fighting stood up, he found his vocation fighting on the ground under the guidance of Simon Wooffindin. All through his career he has trained with Paul Welby and now the pair are back at Long's Black Belt Schools of martial arts sharing their knowledge and skills but also learning new ones from Craig and the team.

Paul Welby | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | York

Paul Welby

Paul started training in the summer of 1997 with Sensei Patrick Scantlebury 7th Dan (NASSKC) He trained there for a number of years, finally achieving his black belt before moving to Yorkshire Martial Arts Academy. Paul is currently graded to black belt 3rd Dan. As a big fan of the early UFC's, Paul noticed the importance of cross training and the studying of different martial arts to become a more rounded fighter. He has trained with most of the well known instructors in York and the surrounding areas including Craig & Mark Long. Mark has been the one person that he has trained with throughout his martial arts career, learning and sharing ideas on the best fighting methods.

Kaite Smith | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | York

CIT - Katie Smith

Katie has been training since she was 8years old and achieved her black belt at the age of 12. Katie is a fierce competitor and has fought successfully at both regional and national level. She has recently joined our certified instructor training program and especially enjoys working with the younger children.

Heworth Martial Arts

Mark Long | Instructor | Longs Black Belt School | Heworth

Mark Long

Mark started training 20 years and as won many titles and represented England on many occasions. Mark is currently on the England WAKO full contact team. He has built a reputation for being a world class fighter with a very flamboyant style. He thrives on passing on his knowledge to his students and seeing them progress. Has a motivational teaching style that inspires people to success. Mark became Craig's business partner recently and the schools have gone from strength to strength.

Kate Melody Hartley | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | Heworth

Kate Melody Hartley

Kate has trained on and off for over 10 years. She really is a great positive role model to everybody she comes in to contact with. She always has a smile on her face and loves helping people.

Wetherby Martial Arts

Deb Wilkinson-Lewin | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | Wetherby

Deb Wilkinson-Lewin

Debby really is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet. She specialises in working with members with conditions such as ADHD, Dispraxia etc and through her career as a Nurse she has learned adaptable skills that make her the ideal person for this. She will always make you feel welcome!

Rob Wilkinson-Lewin | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | Wetherby

Rob Wilkinson-Lewin

Rob started his training a short while after his son Cameron had been training. Rob has been a keen competitor in the past and certainly packs a punch. Rob and wife Debbie both have an infectious personalities, and combined with their knowledge, offer martial arts tuition with a first class service. Nothing is to much trouble for them.

Chantal Pratt | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | Wetherby

Chantal Pratt

Instructor Chantal Pratt started her Martial Arts training in 2008 under Mr Craig Long, and is a recent addition to the Wetherby club as a part time Martial Arts Instructor. She achieved her Black Belt at the age of 46 and is one of the most approachable and friendly people you will ever meet and her goal is to help you achieve your objectives in life.

Peter Pratt | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | Wetherby

Peter Pratt

Instructor Peter Pratt started his Martial Arts training in 2008 under Mr Craig Long, and is a recent addition to the Wetherby club as a part time Martial Arts Instructor. He has successfully lost 7 Stone, removed the need to take high blood pressure tables and cholesterol tablets and has just been removed from the diabetic register. His goal is to make a difference in the average person's life and to help his students achieve their goals.

Haxby Martial Arts

Copmanthorpe Martial Arts

Selby Martial Arts

Nicole Pratt | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | York

Nicole Pratt

Instructor Nicole Pratt has been training since she was 10 years old. She began her training in our Heworth acadamy and continued it in the Acomb. She started competing in tournaments at the age of 13 and has since won numerous martial arts competitions at both the regional and national levels. She has been coaching for the last 2 years and incorporates her winning strategies into her work with students to help them achieve their full potential.

Ryan Garbutt | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools

Ryan Garbutt

Ryan Garbutt has been a student of long's black belt schools for a 3 years now, after having 10 years experience in martial arts prior to this move in clubs. He has done Karate, Thai Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing. He is regularly featuring in our club’s competitive squad and this year alone has achieved 8 medals, this had landed him a great opportunity to represent Team England this year in Italy.

Gareth Pratt | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools | Wetherby

CIT - Gareth Pratt

Gareth is on our CIT (Certified Instructor Training) and joined the club at the age of 9 to learn a few self defence tips but went on to achieve black belt status at the age of 13.

At the age of 15 Gareth started to help at our Wetherby club and he is a very confident and focused individual, he has recently moved to our new club at Haxby where he helps his sister Nicole

Mary Mohan | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools

CIT - Mary Mohan

Zach | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools

CIT - Zach Garrett

zac | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools

CIT - George Plant

Nikki Rawlings | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools

CIT - Nikki Rawlings


Matty Wellburn | Instructor | Longs Black Belt Schools

CIT - Matty Wellburn


Tadcaster Martial Arts

Kay Emmerson | Instructor | Tadcaster Martial Arts

Kay Emmerson

Kay has trained with LBBS for over 4 years and is probably the most motivated of the recent graduates of our instructor training programme. She has shown a natural skill of inspiring and motivating members of all ages at our York HQ and is an extremely popular role model to others. Kay is also a keen competitor and medals regularly at national events. Her linking up with Richard to form the new Tadcaster coaching team is a huge bonus to the area. Kay has also recently qualified as a level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 personal trainer. With the knowledge she has gained you simply couldn’t be in better company when it comes to fitness results

Rich Turnbull | Instructor | Tadcaster Martial Arts

Rich Turnbull

Richard has been with LBBS for over 8 years and is passionate about passing on what he has learned over this time through teaching at our HQ in York. With recently completing his Instructor Training Richard has decided to take the next step and open up a school in his hometown of Tadcaster with is friend and training partner Kay Emmerson. Both Richard and Kay will make a phenomenal coaching team and will make many lives richer to the people of Tadcaster. Richard is a keen competitor and has won many honours, the one that stands out the most is his recent WMO World Championships Gold medal that he won in Spain.


Eirc Marie | Instructor | Academy of Martial Arts - Cheshire | Knutsford

Eric Marie

Eric started training alongside Craig and Mark in 1999. Having moved to England from France, Eric wanted to further his martial arts journey which started with him practising traditional karate. His switch to kickboxing meant that he already had a great understanding and a massive advantage on his opponents. Eric loves to compete and is known for his come-forward style. Having completing the instructor training programme and moving to Cheshire, it was obvious that he would open a martial arts school in Cheshire.


The combination of learning new skills; techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones; meeting new people and being positively motivated all increases your confidence tremendously.


A study done by the Harvard Medical School found that people who participated in cardio-kickboxing were able to burn upto 888 calories every hour.


Kickboxing improves self-esteem because it allows you feel good about yourself in many areas. You are able to improve your body while learning self-defence moves at the same time.